Covid19....aka The Wakeup Call That We All Needed

What a time we have going on in the world right now. This pandemic. Craziest thing that I've lived through. And probably you too. This pandemic is real. And no joking matter.....and it's forcing us all to come together as a community, a collaborative effort. I truly hope you and your families are all staying safe and well.

But the energy that I'm seeing in the past week or so is fear, anxiety, stress, overwhelm. Maybe it's just because of how real it is becoming now that most of us have been in lock down for a month (or more) and it's bringing on so much uncertainty to what the future holds. No matter where you fall, how you are feeling, you are not wrong. Everyone is feeling it.

I wanted to give you an opportunity to see this as a good thing. A thing that I truly believe is something that the world needed to happen. A wakeup call that we needed. We are waking up to cleaner air, using resources to connect through other channels without the hustle. Streets are clear, less shoppers out, and I think it's great.

While some of us are stressed and filled with anxiety, it's also allowing us to slow down. To calm down, to see the beauty that we have. To have gratitude and find beauty and peace in our lives. To find beauty in "the little things." To be present. Present to be with our children and families.

We are given time. Opportunity. Opportunity to face fears, limiting beliefs that maybe we may have pushed aside otherwise. Your body is screaming at you, telling you to listen but often during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can become quite difficult to tune in and listen. To allow yourself to feel. To allow yourself to dig deeper and ask yourself the uncomfortable questions. To get to the root of why you are feeling one way or another.

You can only hide for so long. Netflix and Ben n' Jerry's can only help so much until you simply can't take it any longer. Body movement and exercise are great too.....but eventually it only does so good in masking your emotions. You must feel. You must look deeper within and listen.

No matter what your method is for coping, it is okay. Your feelings are not wrong. Your way is not wrong. It is all valid.

Journal on it. Spend 5 minutes. 10 minutes. For a complete brain dump. Let your feelings and thoughts guide you. Without questioning your thoughts, dump everything out onto your paper. The good. The bad. The ugly. When you are done, one by one challenge them, question them. Is this a real fear? Is it true? Stand up, breathe. Take a few deep breaths and shake it off. Repeat until you've gone through them all. How do you feel?

Allow yourself time for rest and self care. Time to sit with yourself. Breathe. Get your yoga mat out, allow your body to be the guide through breath and body movement. Let your mind literally move your body.....whether that means screaming, crying, laughing, shaking, dancing.....there is no right. No wrong. Open up the wounds that you have been holding on so tightly.

This energy that is happening is incredible and I am truly grateful. Grateful for this wakeup call. For this movement. This pandemic. As I am someone who thrives on the go-go lifestyle, this has given me the time to slow down and quite frankly I'm enjoying it. I'm leaning in more. I'm resting. I'm adapting. I'm more present. I'm trying new things that maybe I wouldn't have before.

But the energy and how you will cope all depends on your ability to move through the emotions and how uncomfortable you are willing to get. There is uncertainty. There is a lot of unknown with this time, with healing. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get it right. It doesn't always happen on the first go. Give yourself compassion and grace and allow yourself to get up and try again. Or reach a friend, a family member or yours truly. ;)

Sending you all love and light. I believe in you.




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