From Battle to Balance

This transformational 6-week group wellness program is for you if you struggle with:

  • Emotional/stress eating

  • Overeating

  • Binge/disordered eating

  • Anxiety

  • Brain fog

  • Dry skin

  • Acne

  • Unexplained weight gain

  • Inflammation

  • Low energy

  • Puffy face

  • GI issues

  • Hair loss

  • Cranky mama syndrome

In 6 weeks, you will walk away with the power to reclaim your health and balance the systems in your body for good. Together we will take one week to set your body up for success. We work on listening to what your body needs not only what is on your plate but off too (hello self-care). We use a mindful approach to eating and lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime. 

This is NOT a diet. This is a stepping stone to freedom. This is your beginning. A way to show you to be mindful. To listen to your body. In addition to cleaning out your systems we also discuss self-care, ways to support digestion, beginning to understand emotional eating triggers and how to increase your energy levels. You will walk away with a better appreciation with yourself and self-care which is a necessity for achieving body freedom. You will meet tribe members in a supportive and safe community who are right there with you ready to go on this journey. 

Increased energy and vitality

Improved mood

Benefits Include

Restful sleep

Boosted immune system

Reduced sugar and carb cravings

End your relationship with dieting 

Your Program Includes:

Easy recipes, myth busting, science backed education, real life tools and techniques and a 30-minute 1-on-1 private strategy session, it’s a time to get back to basics – and to have fun doing it!

We do this in community as a way to support each other and create the inspiration, motivation and fun to create healthy changes together. 

In addition to the 30-Minute Private Strategy Session with me via phone the Nourish and Shine Guided Course also includes:

  • My Nourishing Tables Recipe guide with over 80 pages of original FAST & EASY Recipes. 

  • A Complete Program Guide

  • A Toxicity Assessment Questionnaire at the beginning and at the end to measure your progress. 

  • Weekly handouts and easy action steps to move the needle forward consistently 

  • Motivation Emails to keep you going strong

  • 5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

  • My Magic Snacks on the go eating guide

  • 6 Recorded Classes to meet you where you are and answer all your questions 

  • Access to a private Voxer group for daily support and accountability

  • All recipes are gluten-free & optional dairy-free 

It's time to create your own version of healthy! 

Your investment: $497

Space is limited so register today!


Riverview, FL 33579


Voxer: robin_olson

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