I'm a Certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in Emotional Eating and the voice behind The Nourished Gypsy. I'm on a mission to empower women across the globe to take back their power after decades of diet culture telling them that they don't fit the standard ideal. Over here, we redefine health through empowered education and give a big eff you to Diet Culture stigma...with a little bit of grace and whole lot of sass, I'm so glad you are here!

Hey there, I'm Robin!

From Battle to Balance

In this 6 week real food wellness program you will discover a whole new way of living, a new way of nourishing your body so you feel good in your body. 

This program is the stepping stone to your new healthy lifestyle. 

After years of hopping from one diet to another, I've figured out that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. This program allows you to discover what works for you and YOUR body so that you can walk away knowing exactly what foods to fuel your body so that you feel GOOD. 

Benefits of this program:

-More energy and vitality

-Happier mindset

-Weight loss

-Better sleep

-Less mood swings

-Less cravings

-Identified food sensitivities

-Reduced Inflammation


Shifting from "I hate my body" to "Enjoy the view"

Do you imagine a different life? One of full self expression, self love, compassion, freedom to speak your truth, freedom to eat the foods you love without the endless guilt, freedom to say yes to that dinner date, a life lived out of love and not out of fear?

Do you imagine what it would be like without the yo-yo diets, the restrictions, the comparisons, the negative self talk? Do you imagine what it would feel like to have endless energy, clear skin and done with the feeling of being sick and tired all the time?

Do you imagine what it would feel like to truly love the skin you are in? To love yourself so deeply it's contagious.

In order to heal from this story, from your trauma, to whatever is holding you back...YOU MUST FEEL IT, YOU MUST EXPERIENCE IT. 

As we uncover what is holding you back, what your triggers are, we will transform your life, transform your health and you will walk away with exactly how EASY it is to have the life of your dreams. 

Let's take your freedom back! 

My Philosophy

Do all things from love. Be mindful. Express gratitude. Eat real, whole (organic when possible) foods everyday. Eat the rainbow. Show grace. Dream BIG!

Shine on! Pull the magic out of you.

Know your boundaries. Say YES! Say NO! 

Do your best. Allow yourself to feel the feels (the good, the bad, the ugly). 

Ditch the scale. Ditch the comparisons. Let go. Breathe. Forgive. Be yourself. 

Eat carbs. Drink lots of water. Move your body. Stretch. Do yoga. Enjoy life (there's only one after all). Don't allow others to put you down. SPEAK! Move 1% every day. Make friends. Get out and show the world just how beautiful you are. 

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"Fear is excitement on pause"


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